10% off Best selling wood range!

March, 2020

All Goodrich Parquet engineered wood by Woodpecker now has 10% off at MC2

The discount applies to all colours and patterns whether they be a ‘chic chevron’ or a ‘happening herringbone’.  Shades range from a light cotton white through to a dark charred oak. Take a look at these stunning shots.

Suitable for underfloor heating.  Float it, stick it or nail it.  Together with a 25 year warranty  – you really couldn’t ask for more from wood flooring.

One off special offer statement mosaic tiles, all proceeds to charity!

January, 2020

Fancy recreating this look in your bathroom? Or having the most splendid splashback in Windsor?  We have 20 sheets of these beautiful metal and glass mosaics just waiting to adorn a bathroom or kitchen wall of your choosing.

Each sheet is 30cm x 30 cm.

The best bit…these “taco tiles” (we’re not sure why they are called that either…)  can be yours for only £5 per sheet (RRP £19.95)

And every penny of the sale goes to our favourite charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

Call us on 01753 830 638 or call into the showroom for a closer look. Extreme close up of tile below!

Eat Green, Live green

January, 2020

Over the last few years, January seems to have been transformed from the dark, cold month we’d rather forget… into a month of experimentation, optimism, environmental activism and health awareness. Illustrating this is ‘Veganuary’ being bigger than ever in 2020 (hello KFC Vegan burger!), together with record numbers us ditching the booze for Dry January.

If you’ve been wandering along St Leonards Road recently – maybe while doing your ‘Couch to 5K’ challenge – you will have seen our inspirational Green board in the window.  We believe that you don’t need to keep all the green on your plate this month, you can unleash it within your home décor too.

Our mood board contains Ca-Pietra Jungle Porcelain tiles which can put beautiful hexagonal green leaf patterns onto bathroom walls or floors.  Also featured is the Neisha Crosland Jigsaw patterned geometric design which blends into both Victorian and modern environments just as comfortably.

If you venture inside our showroom we’ll show you the subtlety of the Original Style Living greens too… we actually can’t think of a wall that they wouldn’t look great on.

Green and wood are a match made in heaven.  As well as wooden flooring looking stunning, did you know that it absorbs moisture from the air and later release it back when conditions are drier. In this way, wooden floors contribute to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

All our wooden floors are ethically sourced with appropriate forest certification (including FSC and PEFC). It’s crucial to us that we encourage sustainable reforestation so that we can keep Europe’s forests growing – interesting fact: did you know that in Europe, forests are growing by an average of 6,000 km2 per year?

Turn your home green!

‘Tis the Season to… Reduce Waste, Get a Bargain and Support an Incredible Charity

December, 2019

We’ve thought of an ingenious way to support one of our favourite charities: the Campaign Against Living Miserable (CALM) who are leading a movement against suicide.  Sadly, suicide is currently the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK and the cause of 18 deaths every day – if we can make any kind of difference in preventing even one person from having a truly miserable Christmas, we believe that’s worth doing.

Here’s how our new charity initiative will work:

  1. We always have small amounts of leftover products: tiles, engineered wood, luxury vinyl, laminate and stone.  Until now, these have often ended up as waste.  But, in actual fact they are all beautiful, quality products that would be perfect for certain applications such as flooring for a small room, a trendy splashback, art projects… the list goes on.
  2. We are happy to sell these at a fraction of their retail value and give all the proceeds to CALM
  3. We’ll regularly post on our site and social media what we have available at the current time. You can also pop into our shop and see what we have if you are passing.

We’re really excited about this initiative and hope that you will support us.

Below are our first 5 offers – if you’d like any more information or creative ideas on how you could use these products please call on 01753 830638 or drop in:







For any queries on this charity initiative please contact us.

MC2 = 20 years of success (and you don’t need to be Einstein to see why)

October, 2019

This month, MC2 Tiles & Flooring has been in business for an impressive twenty years!

Our business is run by its founders, a local husband and wife duo.  With interior design and artistic backgrounds, they are keen to offer advice and design tips to all who enter our showroom – whether it’s complementary floor and wall coverings, ideas for small spaces or options to suit a period property.

It’s no secret that we have the largest range of tile and flooring options in Windsor.  We offer hundreds of tiling options from the latest “statement” tile designs through to traditional Victorian options and natural ranges. Over the years we’ve embraced the importance of Scandinavian interior design and this has fed through to the diverse flooring options we now offer – these include engineered wood flooring, laminates and luxury vinyl. One of our most sustainable, environmentally friendly options currently on offer is hardwearing bamboo flooring – technically a grass – which once harvested renews itself in just five years.

Here’s what Caroline one of the business owners says about being in business on St Leonards Rd for twenty years:
“We have always loved the St Leonards Road neighbourhood and the wealth of independent retailers close to us, it creates a unique and special feel to this part of Windsor.  We’ve always remained true to our original ethos of providing exceptional customer service, design expertise and affordable quality products. We often beat the big-name retailers on price, plus customers get a really tailored service with us which is why they keep coming back.”

You know where to find us: 57 St Leonards Rd, Windsor, SL4 3BX.  We’re open Tues – Friday 9am – 5.30pm, Sat: 10am – 5pm. Tel 01753 830 638.

A Tile Guide – Everything you need to know about materials, durability and trends

September, 2019

We sometimes forget that everyone who comes into our showroom isn’t a tile expert.  With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to give a quick guide to the main types of tiles we sell.  Hopefully you’ll have all the tile knowledge you’ll need once you’ve read this and will be able to start thinking about what colours, patterns and textures you might like:


You’ll see some of these on the wall behind our counter – patterned in a decorative period style.  Using either concrete or pressed clay, the pattern is inlaid in the tile, rather than being painted on. These are extremely popular at the moment.  Due to the technology going into them, they tend to be a little pricey.  However, the good news is that a little of these tiles can go a long way – they work well as a feature paired with a more affordable plainer tile.  Let us demonstrate in store.


These are generally the most budget-type of tile and there are endless options available.  Due to their durability they are best suited to walls.  For floors we typically recommend…


With a lot more strength than ceramic, these are extremely durable when used as flooring.  Porcelain is very versatile and we even have ranges that look like wood and marble.  Porcelain tiles can go on walls, but due to their nature, they are harder to cut and drill. We can match up complementary floor and wall options for you if you’d like to mix and match between porcelain and ceramic – often these are available within the same manufacturer range for a seamless look.


Bringing the outside in is a definite trend and one way to do this is using stone tiles which are literally pieces of rock cut to size.  The main types we sell are travertine, granite, slate, and marble.  They do require sealing which needs to be repeated periodically.  However, despite the maintenance, their natural beauty makes them an ever popular option.


Some consider these an ecological choice since glass is a truly sustainable material and some of our ranges are made of recycled glass – just ask if you would like to find out more.  Glass tiles are very resistant to stains – making them great for splash-backs.  They can get scratched so it’s best to keep these off the floor.  These come in a great range of colours, textures and patterns some of which are very eye-catching .


These can be any combination of materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain or stone which are set in a small format and set on a mesh sheet for easy installation.  Mosaics are available in an a huge range of shapes, sizes, textures and colours making them perfect for a statement feature.

Do call us on 01753 830 638 if you would like any more information on our tiles or pop in to our showroom at 57 St Leonards Road, Windsor SL4 3BX.

Carrying on Plastic-Free July into August and beyond

August, 2019

When you go abroad on holiday, it can be a shock to see the difference in recycling standards and general attitudes to plastic and disposable packaging.  Having just returned from warmer places…we realised that we’re actually not too bad at looking after our planet here in Windsor.  We’ve been following these top tips on how to reduce plastic for a while now and honestly can’t remember the last time we encountered a plastic straw in the UK.

We were really excited when we saw we were getting new neighbours recently – a refill shop opened up just a few doors down St Leonard’s Road from us called Zero Joe’s.  We popped in the other week and couldn’t believe the huge array of products available in there!  Dried pasta, rice, nuts, fruit, grains, cereal…Oils and vinegar…Fresh fruit and veg…Frozen pastries, peas, tropical fruit…Household cleaning products, toiletries… this blog isn’t long enough to list everything.  It definitely requires a change in mindset to go shopping armed with a bunch of containers but MC2 are up for the challenge.  We wish Zero Joe’s well with their eco-shop.

Victorian Tiles – the classic look that will never go out of fashion

July, 2019

Being based in the beautiful and friendly town of Windsor, some of our clients are also our neighbours.  Our showroom is literally surrounded by Victorian houses, which lend themselves well to sympathetic period features. We’ve just taken delivery of this new Original Style tile stand (above) which gives you a flavour of some the latest beautiful Victorian-style tiles we offer.

We often associate Victorian-type tiles with hallways – where they make a striking first impression on a period property – but, without a doubt, they also look fabulous on garden paths, kitchens and bathrooms (as shown below). One of the most exciting aspects of Victorian-style tiles is the way their colours contrast in a such a visually pleasing way: from monochrome looks to intense and vivid colours.

With samples in-store, and for you to take home we’re sure we’ve got a Victorian tile for you.  If you need some help deciding which tile is right for your home – that’s what we’re here for.  We welcome both our neighbours, and those further afield to come and visit us to experience our friendly expertise!


Neisha Crosland: who she is and why she’s fantastic…

May, 2019

Shapes inspired by nature, oversized graphics, geometric repeating patterns and vibrant colour combinations… these have become the trademarks of this award-winning British designer.

Neisha’s background

Neisha Crosland studied textile design at Camberwell College of Arts, followed by a MA at the Royal College of Art.  She picked up her first commission, designing wallpaper, from her graduation show in the 1980s – the wallpaper collection became a best-seller.  In 1994 she started her own textile company designing scarves and accessories.  She soon expanded into designing fabric, wallpaper, rugs, tiles, fine china, stationery and more.


Her body of work has propelled her to the forefront of UK design, and in 2006 she was honoured with the title Royal Designer for Industry (RDI).  Some of her early original wallpaper designs are so highly esteemed that they are now held in the V&A’s archives.

Neisha’s papers and fabrics have adorned many elegant interiors such as Annabel’s nightclub, Claridges and the Dorchester Hotel.

Your chance to have her designs

Now you have the chance to get some of Neisha’s designs in your own environment via her tile collaboration with Ca’Pietra.  Come to the MC2 showroom and see the beautiful display stand we have depicting these amazing tiles suitable for walls and floors.

These tile designs offer a beautiful, yet practical, choice for any home or commercial space.

“Living” the dream

April, 2019

One of the latest trends in interior design is large tiles printed with wallpaper designs. These provide a design feature in whatever room you choose, with all the practicalities of a tile. There’s no denying just how beautiful they look on a wall, and some of them are even suitable for floors – super exciting!

We now have an in-store stand displaying these “Living” range large format tiles with a range of patterns – all in subtle, neutral colours. This matt range of tiles has every kind of pattern you could imagine, from small delicate patterns with an urban edge to classic French designs. For the bolder among us, there are leaf designs and even leopard and zebra prints with a fun yet sophisticated appeal.

The versatility of these tiles means you can make a feature of any room whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, hallway or other room of your choice.

Colours include: white, off-white, cream, pale blue, pale green, earthy tones, taupe and grey. Coordinating plain colour options are also available so you can mix the effect to your perfect level. If that sounds a little daunting, never fear, we can give you design advice in store. To be honest, we’ll take any excuse to talk about these beauties…


Our local Oscar winner!

March, 2019

It’s been an incredible week in Windsor with local lady Nina Hartstone winning an Oscar in Hollywood! She looked absolutely amazing collecting her Oscar award for Sound Editing on Bohemian Rhapsody. This was only days after she scooped a BAFTA too. Wow, just wow!

We can’t wait to congratulate her when she walks past the shop next time!

Beautiful bluebirds

January, 2019
Winter be gone!

The days are getting just that bit longer and we’re sure we just spotted some blossom buds on a tree. Come on spring.

In the meantime, this beautiful bluebird feature tile will just have to appease us all. Just one look at these little fellas chirping around pink and white blossom will make you feel like spring has, most definitely, sprung. These would be beautiful as part of a Victorian or Edwardian period setting.